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Fast Forward Race Engines



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With the ever increasing spring pressures and engine speeds, the need for a cam cap that was up to the task was present. We designed these cam caps to take advantage of as much cross sectional area as we could.

The numbers and arrows help with locating and position. We chose to use steel locating dowels for accurate reputability when installing these caps.  Our caps fit under the factory covers as well as most popular aftermarket billet offerings.

ALL aftermarket cam caps require line boring for installation. FFRE can provide this service for a fee of $650.00.

  • FITS: Coyote Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, GT350 and GT500.
  • INCLUDED: Billet Cam Caps x16, Socket Head Fasteners x32, Hard Coated Washers x32
  • NOTE: Gen 3 kits come with Qty. 14 billet cam caps due to factory direct injection pump location.
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